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Osteopath at Work


In life, we are exposed to various kinds of stress such as prolonged seated or standing posture, looking into a computer screen for a long time, having a poor diet, and experiencing emotional/ financial stress. When these stresses are introduced constantly, the nervous system creates subluxation. Subluxation will eventually lead to feeling unwell (Dis-Ease) or bodily pain.   


The nervous system is like a central processing unit, a CPU. If the CPU does not work properly, the whole machine fails to operate. The same logic applies to a human. If the nervous system works poorly, the rest of the systems work poorly as well. Chiropractic focuses health of the nervous system and this can help the entire body. At Silverdale Chiropractic, Dr Jarod Kim (Chiropractor) emphasise the relationships between the nervous system and spine.



By correcting miscommunication between the nervous system and the body, the nervous system does what it does best. Heal itself and maintain a state of well-being. Through the course toward wellness, symptoms disappear.

The benefits of chiropractic care are not limited only to resolving pains and aches, but may also be able to help with other completely unexpected conditions.


Sacro-Occipital Technique:

Emphasis on the function of cerebrospinal fluid circulation and balance of the sacro (hip)-occipital (head) relationship.

Advanced Biostructural Correction

Very effective postural correction and symptom relieving system. Focuses on forward head posture and global postural restoration.

Torque Release Technique

All about restoring a state of a brain called “Reward Deficiency Syndrome” (RDS). The most beneficial feature of restoring RDS is, beating an addictive characteristic; regardless that is by substance or behavioural.

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