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What is Subluxation?

To understand how chiropractic works, it is most important to know one concept in chiropractic and that is called "Subluxation".

Subluxation is what makes chiropractic unique.

There are many different interpretations towards subluxation but in Silverdale Chiropractic, the subluxation is neurological.

It is a neurological state where the brain regards the current body is normally processed yet the body suffer from it.

For instance, posture. Posture is a process controlled by the central nervous system. When you sit or stand too long, all the involved postural muscles will become tired, and no longer be able to work. Central Nervous System receives this information as "Stress". When stress is received, the brain must take action to overcome or adapt to the stress. In this process, the balance of the posture changes and this alter the centre of pressure on the whole body. When the centre of pressure is out of balance, increased spinal muscle work is expected.

Now, the central nervous system regards, out of the centre of pressure is normal and yet increased muscle work is present.  

Depends on how long this state last, bodily symptoms must manifest, it is just a matter of time.

This state of the nervous system regards the current situation as norm yet body suffers, is called "Subluxation".


Chiropractors perform CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENT to correct the SUBLUXATION. 

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