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Importance of a neck curve.

To restore and maintain the normal and healthy neck curve, first we must understand what affect/change the curve.

The correct term for the neck curve is called a "Cervical Lordosis".

Normal cervical lordosis is vital to evenly distribute the weight of the head in both static and dynamic moments. Therefore the loss of cervical lordosis will lead to the uneven weight distribution of the head weight, and the weight is mostly markedly put on to C5.

Weight of the head does not only affect the spine (bone) itself but also the structures (blood vessels or spinal cord etc) around them.

Following are the detailed video description to aid the understanding.

These findings are quite common to people who have/had a history of trauma (Recent or Old).

Some people may regard this finding as "Oh it is just aging and is natural" or "Unavoidable, need to live with it" This is not true.

Following is the Xray of the 13 years old male.

Neck pain with restricted head movement with visible head tilt, Xray revealed above finding. There are even signs of the spondylotic changes at C3 and C4.

Following scan is from a female of at her late 20s,

Neck pain, stiffness, restricted head movement and headache.

Cervical lordosis is involved with not just pain on the neck but a lot more; Most commonly with the disc and blood vessel related condition/lesion.

When the curve is compromised, wherever the weight is introduced will have to work harder and this usually leads to "Heaviness on the neck or shoulder" or "Stiff neck and shoulder all the time".

There is an innate healing ability and restoration/maintaining of the normal curve is one of it. Therefore when the loss of curve was found, this indicate the body's self healing ability to reverse the curve is not quite possible. Usually it is the traumatic force that affects the ligaments in the neck which lead to the cervical instability, and cannot reverse the position of the spine by itself.

In Silverdale Chiropractic, we aim to restore the curve with a specific adjustment and treatment/management.

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