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Case 7. Pain between the shoulder blade could be coming from a neck problem?

Signs and Symptoms: Pain (Deep/Achy/Heavy) between the shoulder blades and usually there all the time (constant) but can be worsened in certain occasions at random chance.

Type of Trauma: Unknown.

Adjustments: Specific force (Instrument or machine: No manual manipulation was involved) applied on the affected joints.

Outcome: Shoulder blade pain was resolved in two visits over two weeks of period.

Mid 50's male patient visited Silverdale Chiropractic seeking a relief for his pain between the shoulder blades. He had no accident or history of trauma in the past. This pain just happened suddenly out of nowhere and it decided to stay. He did every possible measure to resolve this but failed.

During the physical examination of the neck, he showed decreased/restricted cervical extension (looking up to the ceiling) and left lateral flexion (side bending to the left side) and at the same time, these were aggravating the shoulder blade pain.

There is a condition called a cervical facet syndrome; It is a specific neck joint inflammation and it can cause not only on the affected neck joint but also travels to the neck/shoulder or shoulder blade region (depends on which level of the neck joint is affected).

I asked the patient to look to the left and look up at the same time to see if the affected neck joint become more compressed and this would make the pain worse, which it did. Using this information, I asked him to lie down on his back, and look to the right to separate the affected joint to see if the pain subside, and it worked. This gave me a confirmation that he is suffering from a cervical facet inflammation approximately at the level of C6 and 7.

Cervical joint inflammation is a joint inflammation and responds really well to the motion is introduced. In Silverdale Chiropractic I use a electrical device which can generate a specific force to stimulate a specific nerve (Mostly muscle spindle cells and golgi tendon organs) to achieve this very goal. Restore proper motion of the joint and muscle physiology.

The Patient responded really well and in his second visit he was already pretty much symptom free.

I would love to reach out to anyone who has a similar problem to this case. If you are suffering from a mid back pain that does not resolve or keep coming back, tried everything and failed then it is time to investigate elsewhere.

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